London 2012 Olympics “Team London Ambassadors”

This is the video to find out how volunteers in Team London Ambassadors supported London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games by providing visitors with information on tourist spots and convenient routes in London during the Game periods. Here, you can see a diverse team of people, made up of various ages, occupations, and nationalities, working as volunteers. Tokyo Metropolitan Government put Japanese Translation on this video created by Greater London Authority, which manages Team London Ambassadors.

A World in One City

Why did you become a Team London Ambassador?

Member 1 :I’ve joined the London Ambassador Programme for I wanted to do something for the Olympic Games while it is in my hometown.

Member 2 :Sometimes we get stuck in your own centres of work. You don’t actually get out and meet people from all walks of life, so I found it’s been absolutely fascinating.

Member 3 :I’ve been working as a fitness instructor.

Member 4 :Doctor.

Member 5 :Retired probation officer.

Member 6 :Police officer.

Member 7 :Writer.

Member 8 :Retired civil servant.

Member 9 :Business analyst.

Member 10 :Postgraduate student.

Member 11 :Doesn’t matter what age, technical skills, anything. You will always have something coming up here and get involved.

Member 12 :It’s just wonderful because it does reflect the diversity of London, which is what makes it such a fabulous city.

Member 13 :You don’t feel foreigner here, just feel a part of the country.

Has language been a barrier?

Member 14 :We all have our language badges that you speak the languages.

Member 15 :My badge is that I speak French.

Member 16 :I speak a little Italian.

Member 17 :I speak Yoruba.

Member 18 :I speak Spanish.

Member 19 :I just have German one.

Member 20 :I spoke Cantonese, and I thought that was cool, and then you see other people with 3,4 different language badges, and you like “wow, OK!”

Member 21 :People are coming from all parts of the world, all corners of the globe, and a lot of the time English is just fantastic. Maybe I need to still take another language!

Member 22 :(In Italian) Welcome to London!

Member 23 :Welcome to London!

Member 24 :That’s why I like London!

Member 25 :(In Cantonese) Welcome to London!

Member 26 :(In Yoruba) Welcome to London!

Member 27 :(With Sign language) Welcome to London, and enjoy the Games!

Member 28 :The meeting these different people, provided a wonderful way of actually seeing what my city is all about.

Member 29 :We are just so pleased to be part of the Olympics and part of what is making London so special this summer.

Member 30 :All of us are united in the wish to introduce the world to our wonderful city.


What was the best part of being a team london ambassador?

Member 1 :Just seeing how a group of people can work together.

Member 2 :The uniforms are really great, and the badges.

Member 3 :French, Spanish, German.

Member 4 :The way that the public took the ambassadors to their hearts.

Member 3 :Canada, Russia, Switzerland.

Member 5 :When you walk around town, when you get a knowing smile, and a knowing nod.

Member 3 :Union jack badges, London bus,

Member 6 :When you look at the teams here and you think like I’m part of this, helping the city too.

Member 3 :The mascot, the official badge for Covent Garden.

Member 7 :I think all the friends I’ve made here.

Member 8 :Every five, six days, there’s new volunteers coming on. Within in an hour or two, they’re all speaking together like they’ve known each other for years!

Member 3 :And a theater badge, too.

What was the strangest question you were asked?

Member 9 :“Are you famous?”

Member 10 :“Can I have your T-shirt, please.”

Member 11 :, Member 6 : “Why’s the sky blue?”

Member 8 :“How many gold medals is the country going to win?”

Member 1 :Where the National Gallery is when you are standing outside it.

Member 12 :One person asked for Central Park. I think you’re in the wrong country for that one!

What was the most common question you were asked?

Member 13 :“Where is the toilet?”

Member 2 :If they can take a picture with me.

Member 5 :“Where did you get this?”

Member 14 :Can I just take yours?

Member 5 :“I’m really sorry, that’s part of my uniform.”

Member 1 :I must have been asked where Primark was about 2000 times.

Member 10 :“How do I get into the Olympic Park? Can I get into the Olympic Park? How close can I get to the Olympic Park?

Member 15 : “Where is the nearest McDonald’s?”

Have you seen any famous people?

Member 8 : I’ve seen a couple. Female cyclist team.

Member 10 : The Harlem Globetrotters.

Member 8 : The male gymnastic team who won the silver. And Chris Hoy.

Member 7 : The whole of the New Zealand hockey team turned up and did a haka.

Member 11 : We haven’t yet met the Queen.

Member 6 : But I heard that she’s coming to the pod later.”

Were there any ambassador romances?

Member 1 : There is a bit of flirting going on.

Member 12:What happens in the posts stays in the posts.

Member 13 :Excuse me, he’s a married man.

Member 16 :One, two, three.

Member 17 :I have not been aware of any. Have you?

Member 18 :Oh, no, no.

What has been the highlight of your shifts?

Member 7 :The whole team, last weekend, doing …the “Bolt”.

Member 10 :When Murray won the gold, I screamed as I heard the screaming, and I started doing a little dance as well.

Member 19 :There was a child walking along the street, and they thought that we were athletes. So they were like really excited. And we were like, “Oh, no, not quite.”

Member 5 :We got filmed by a Canadian film crew. And we had to sing God Save the Queen. I was wondering if we were ever going to be a YouTube sensation, but I think sadly not.

What does the future hold for volunteering?

Member 4 :Everybody says, that since they’ve volunteered, they want to carry on volunteering. And that’s going to help London no end.

Member 20 : (Mayor Boris Johnson)They are the magenta magicians. They have transformed volunteering in the eyes of the public. People now think it’s a wonderful thing to do. People now think, “Why didn’t I do that?” “Why didn’t I get involved?”

Member 21 :Lots of people have been saying, “Can we continue?” “Forever.” “I’ve got a day job, but…”

Member 10 :I did post a question on Team London Ambassador’s Facebook. Rugby World Cup’s coming. Does Boris Johnson need any volunteers? I’m still waiting for an answer, Mr. Boris Johnson.

Do you have any parting message?

Member 22 :To all my other London Ambassadors, thank you for making it a really fantastic experience. You’ve all been a great fun to work with and.. Good luck with any future volunteering that you decide to do.

Member 1 :I’d certainly send out a great big hug to everybody.

Member 8 :Anyone watching this, if the Olympics are coming to your city and you get an opportunity to do this, should definitely do it.

Member 23 :Fellow Ambassadors, thank you soooo much for your support, your sense of humor, and all the help that you’ve given the visitors, in this really, really, special event.



Member 1 :I’m currently working for Team London Ambassadors as a voluntary. I heard about this program from my school assembly and it seemed interesting so I thought I’d give it a go.

Member 2 :These days, if I wanna get a job somewhere, they want to see me do something voluntary and I thought working for the Olympics is a once-in-a-life opportunity, it’s the perfect time to grab it.

Member 3 :It feels exciting. ‘Cause like, people see me around and start looking at me and I feel like a celebrity sort of.

Member 4 :The young people that have been recruited to the Ambassadors are all young people that are learning to be more confident, they’re learning to deal with members of the public. Everything that you would want people to have skills for to be employable.

Member5 :If I was looking to employ someone of that age, I would be looking for keenness to get involved and be citizens and that for me is the No.1 thing. They’re developing that kind of skill and putting it on their CV.

Member 6 :I wanna be a primary school teacher soon… to talk to the children, and interacting with them is really helpful for me because you need those people skills to work with them.

Member 7 :I wanna be a lawyer and getting up in front of all those people can be a bit nerve wracking, so I’ve been putting into practice skills that I can use when I’m older.

Member 8 :The young Ambassadors have been great, they’ve just brought such vibrancy to the whole thing. They know the good places to go, the good places to see.

Member 9 :Arthur. He knows everything. I’m telling you, ask him anything, he’ll give it to, he actually knows everything.

Member 5 :The kids are so fantastic, they’re full of life and enthusiasm. The tourists have great questions, they handle them in a really fantastic way.

Member 7 :If I don’t know something, he could know it or she could know it, that’s why we just go and ask each other if we’re ever stuck.

Member4 :When they first arrive, they’re very shy and they stick with people that they know, or people that they like. We try to mix them up a bit.

Member 6 :They’ve chosen the pairs by basically someone that you don’t know, so you have to work on your communication skills with them, get to know them....

Member 10 :You can see them develop. Once they’ve done it once or twice, they realize that actually it’s not that frightening, they can do it, and the more they do it, the better they get.

Member 11 :I’ve learnt a lot of good skills, communication skills, leadership skills…

Member 12 :And wonderful customer service.

Member 13 :More confidence.

Member 14 :Good teamwork skills.

Member 15 :I just love helping people, and just meeting new people daily, so it’s a nice experience.

Member 4 :They will never forget this experience. And hopefully, they’ll take some of the friendships that they’ve made.

Member 8 :They’ve enabled us all to see it through younger eyes and I think we’ve all loved that.

Member 16 :This has made me really proud of London. And like showing what the city has to offer.

Member 17 :It’s such a great opportunity to welcome people to London to let know what a great city London is.

A Day in the Life of Location Managers

A Day in the Life of Location Managers

Member 1 :My name is Erika and outside of being an ambassador I’m a journalist. Last year they asked if I’d like to be a manager, so I’m here now.

Member 2 :My name is Ben Rivett. I’m a location manager here at Covent Garden. And in my normal working life, I’m a procurement consultant.

Member 1 :Leicester Square is so busy; because it’s so busy we do have coverage with the pod, pretty much throughout the day.

Member 2 :We have our daily pre-shift briefing and we go through everything, we get the daily report and we run through all the things that are happening that day.

Member 1 :I get here about a quarter past eight, I get the computer up and make sure the materials are ready, check who’s here.

Member 2 :I stay in and around the kiosk as much as possible. And I kind of send my guys out and I kind of rotate them around the market here and get them to the busy places.

Member 1 :I now await my colleague, Derek, who will come on about half past two, and we have about an hour where we’ll exchange information and just have a laugh.

Member 3 :Erika and I really have been inextricably linked on this process and as you’ve seen she is a very bubbly character she is very good with people. And it’s been a pleasure working with her.

Member 1 :First day was a bit of a learning curve.

Member 2 :And then it’s grown and grown and we’ve all become really good at what we’ve been doing.

Member 1 :This morning I had new ambassadors so this is their first shift. So I tell them everything I can possibly think that they might be asked.

Member 4 :When I first arrived, very welcoming, gave us a good briefing of information that we needed to know. And that’s really what we needed.

Member 2 :It’s a different experience and, you know, you have to approach people in a different way and you have to be maybe a bit more relaxed about the whole situation.

Member 1 :Did you have a good time? Right, now the purpose of this is to make sure you’re all happy.

Member 2 :At the end of the shift we have that debrief, so if any, anything has happened, any issues, we get them noted down and then I let the guys go. I do my end of day reports and then shut it all up and off I go home.

Member 5 :You know what I like about Ben? In the morning I will have the pod really tidy and ready for me to go. That’s the best thing about Ben.

Member 1 :I’d like to think we’re all having a really good time, I certainly am. (Laughter)

Member 2 :The teams have been excellent and the enthusiasm is amazing and just the public are really appreciative.

Member 1 :All the days have been fantastic, I met some lovely people; they were so nice you want to take them home.