City Volunteer Suitability Check

City Volunteers will provide various information at airports, train stations, and sightseeing spots for tourists from inside and outside of Japan during Tokyo 2020.

How suitable are you for City Volunteer?
Answer these questions to find out.

25 questions in total

  • Q1

    I know a lot about the culture of Japan.
  • Q2

    I can list 5 or more of my recommended sightseeing spots in Tokyo.
  • Q3

    I can introduce my favorite restaurants.
  • Q4

    I am confident in my ability to give the transfer information.
  • Q5

    I know there are some types of unlimited train tickets, such as One-Day tickets in Tokyo.
  • Q6

    I am able to approach international tourists who seem to have trouble.
  • Q7

    I want to do it as soon as I think of it.
  • Q8

    I am interested in / want to try volunteering.
  • Q9

    I like to travel.
  • Q10

    I want to be involved in the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • Q11

    I want to talk with people from many different countries.
  • Q12

    I can speak other language(s) than Japanese.
  • Q13

    I have many friends.
  • Q14

    I prefer team sports.
  • Q15

    I enjoy talking.

  • Q16

    I know what this hand sign means in Japan. An illustration that a lady puts her palm down, and moves it up and down from her wrist.
  • Q17

    Does this sign mean "money" everywhere in the world? An illustration that a lady puts her thumb and index finger together to make like a 'ring'.
  • Q18

    I can say "Hello" in 5 or more languages.
  • Q19

    Fish is the food Muslims can not consume.
  • Q20

    One should not pat or touch someone on the head in Buddhist regions such as Thailand, Laos, India, Sri Lanka, etc.
  • Q21

    I can list 10 or more Olympic events of Tokyo 2020.
  • Q22

    The Tokyo Olympic Games will begin in August.
  • Q23

    Tokyo is the first city in the world to host the Summer Paralympics twice.
  • Q24

    The Olympic torch relay starts by transferring the flame from the previous host country to the next host country.
  • Q25

    Pictograms* were created for the Tokyo 1964 Olympics.
    *Pictograms are icons conveying information or warnings,
    such as wheelchair icons and emergency exit marks, etc.