Here are frequently asked questions and their answers.

Recruitment Guidelines

I want to know more about the recruitment of City Volunteers.

You can find more information about City Volunteers, the application process and the schedule here.

Recruitment period

What is the deadline for accepting applications?

Applications online and by fax will be accepted until Friday December 21. Applying by post will be valid if postmarked by Friday December 21.

Will City Volunteers be chosen in order of application?

No. Applicants will be selected and appointed upon consideration of variety of factors, including if they satisfy the application requirements.

Methods of applying

When applying online, I can not go to the application page from the mail which I received after email registration. What should I do?

If you can not acess the page by clicking the URL displayed on your mail, the link in blue may have been interrupted due to your email environment. If not so, please copy the URL (https:/......1/apply) and paste it directly into the address bar of your internet browser.

When using a computer:
highlight the entire URL and right-click it. Copy and paste it into your browser.
When using a smartphone:
hold down over the URL until a menu appears. Copy the entire URL and paste it into your browser.

When applying online, is it possible to save my data temporarily?

Unfortunately, the system is not equipped with a fuction to temporarily save your data. Please continue entering the application data until the end.

It says that you can download the application form. Can I photocopy and use it?

Yes. Each form cosists of a set of four pages. When applying by fax, you may instead use a simplified form made of a single page.

Can I apply in a group of four or more?

The maximum number of people in a group is four. Please create some groups of up to four, and each group applies respectively. It is possible to request the same location of activity, but please note that every request can not be granted.

What does "the decision regarding selection will be made based on the group as a whole" mean?

It means that acceptance will be decided per group. Therefore, it is not possible that only some people in a group are accepted.

Am I allowed to apply if I can not participate in the program for five days?

Considering the management of City Volunteers during the Games, it is requested you participate in the program for more than five days.

Can people from abroad apply?

People without Japanese nationality may apply, but they must be authorized to reside in Japan. At the time of interview, please submit your Residence Card for verification (if it is difficult to prepare a Residence Card, please consult with our office on the matter at the time of interview).

When applying by post or fax, how will I be contacted if my application is incomplete?

After your application is screened, you may be contacted by phone if your application is incomplete or ambiguous. (This will be done after your application is received. It may take some time to let you know.)

I do not know how to obtain the application form. Can I apply without an application form?

Please use the specified application form or apply online from our website. You can download the form here for applications by post or fax.

When is the deadline for requesting an application form by post?

Please request an application form postmarked by Friday December 14.

How big should the self-addressed stamped envelope be?

The application form is 21cm wide and 30cm long (A4 size). The application form and guidelines for recruitment are thick and cannot be folded. It is recommended that you send an envelope that is 24cm wide and 33.2cm long.

Contents of application

Can I check the contents of my application?

Unfortunately there is no way of checking the contents of your application. When applying online, you are advised to print out or take a screenshot of your entry form. If applying by fax, keep the original document safe. When applying by post, you are advised to photocopy the application form or take notes or other steps.

Can I amend the information I have provided after my application is submitted?

You cannot amend any information that you have already submitted. Please be kind enough to apply again by filling out another application form.


I submitted my application by fax. Will the notification be faxed to me?

The applicants by fax are scheduled to be notified of selection results by post.

When will I receive the notification?

You will receive the notification of selection results as well as information about interview and information sessions in around January 2019.

Interviews and information sessions

The recruitment guidelines say that the interview and general training are compulsory, but it is difficult to plan in advance. Can I choose the dates for my interview and training?

Interviews, information sessions and training will be planned for different dates including weekends and evenings to ensure that you can participate at a date and time convenient for you. Eligible candidates will be notified of the schedule and the method of booking as soon as they are prepared. Interviews and information sessions will commence in February 2019, and training will be held from October 2019.
Please check the schedule outline here.

Will the interview/information sessions be conducted only in Japan? As I live outside of Japan, I want to know if can take part online.

We appreciate your understanding that City Volunteer interview/information sessions and subsequent training will be conducted only in Japan and also only in Japanese.

When I access the URL described in the email notice on the interview and information session, the message “The URL is invalid or expired. Please create the URL again” is displayed.

If your password has been set, the above message is displayed. In this case, please access the URL below and try “Log in to My Page” by using your ID, which has been sent to you, and the password you have set.

The message “Your account has been locked” is displayed on the login screen of My Page.

If you fail to log in for consecutively five times, the account is suspended for 10 minutes. The account will become usable again after 10 minutes. If you forget your password, please try “Password Reset.”

When I click the login button on My Page, the words “Authentication Failed” are displayed.

There is a discrepancy between the password you have set and the password you have entered. (Your ID will not be changed.)
If you forget the password you have set, please click the “Password Reset” button, enter the above-mentioned “Volunteer ID” in the “User ID” section and click the “Reset Password” button. Then you will receive an email, “subject: Notice of password reset,” at the address to which the email notice on the interview and information session was sent. Please reset your password following the instructions described in this email.

When I log in to My Page, the message “No data” is displayed.

The message “No data” is displayed if the dates currently available for interview/information sessions are fully booked.
We appreciate your patience until the dates scheduled for the next month are made public (on the 20th of every month).

Am I not eligible to take part in City Volunteer activities if I cannot take part in an interview/information session?

The interview/information session is a prerequisite for your activities as a City Volunteer. So you are kindly requested to participate in the session.


Has the location for general training been decided?

It is yet to be decided. You will be notified of the location when we inform you of the dates for general training.


Where can I contact for information about the Games Volunteers?

Please contact the following in regard to Games Volunteer.

Tokyo 2020 Games Volunteer Office
Email address: contact-center@volunteer.tokyo2020.jp