2020 Supporters Fujisawa Big Wave

Address1-1 Asahi-Cho, Fujisawa, Kanagawa
Field of ActivityExpansion of volunteer information in the City of Fujisawa
Locations of ServiceMainly inside the City of Fujisawa

Profile of Organization

Promoting community development through public participation
©2020 Supporters Fujisawa Big WavePromoting community development through public participation

2020 Supporters Fujisawa Big Wave is a project to vitalize the community with a group of people who want to be involved in the Tokyo 2020 Games. Once you have been a member, you will receive information on volunteering and events related to Tokyo 2020. Our goal is to produce various chances and experiences in the community by participating in and supporting events and/or establishing your own events.

Major activities

Membership registration

Get 2020 information in advance!

Become a member by adding yourself as a friend on LINE or joining the mailing list. You will receive content such as information about Olympic and Paralympic-related events, especially those taking place in Fujisawa, volunteer recruitment information, information regarding sailing, and exclusive messages from athletes.

Event participation and support

Share the excitement!

We have supported the running of Olympic and Paralympic PR booths at events in Fujisawa, volunteered to provide hospitality at the "2018 Japan leg of the Sailing World Cup Series at Enoshima", and provided volunteer event support, among other activities.


Boost the mood with your own ideas!

We intend to hold "ideathons" that bring together fellow members with the goal of building the mood for the Tokyo 2020 Games and creating initiatives that will continue afterwards.

A member-forming ceremony.
©2020 Supporters Fujisawa Big WaveA member-forming ceremony.

Other Activities

Supporting activity at the Tokyo 2020 PR booth in Fujisawa

Fujisawa Industrial Festa

  • Date: May 26, 27, 2018
  • An appeal of "2020 Supporters Fujisawa Big Wave", and a trial of playing boccia, etc.

Event hosted by 2020 Supporters Fujisawa Big Wave

Movie night to look back 1964

  • Date: June 20, 2018
  • Showing a documentary film of yachting at Tokyo 1964 Games in Enoshima area of Fujisawa, and its discussion.

Volunteer activity

2018 Japan leg of the Sailing World Cup Series at Enoshima

  • Date:September 11-16, 2018
  • Assigning Omotenashi volunteers and Event support volunteers at the Sailing World Cup which was a testing event for Tokyo 2020.
Information booth at the World Sailing Cup
©2020 Supporters Fujisawa Big WaveInformation booth at the World Sailing Cup
Public meeting
©2020 Supporters Fujisawa Big WavePublic meeting