Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation Katariba

Address Kouenji Commons 2F, 3-66-3 Kouenji-Minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Tel +81-3-5327-5667
Representative Kumi Imamura, Chairman of the Board
Field of Activity Education assistance business for teenagers and young people
Locations of Service Mainly at high schools in the Tokyo metropolitan area, devastated area (such as Tohoku) and facilities for junior high school and high school students in Tokyo
Website NPO Katariba

Profile of Organization

Katariba: a career learning program
©NPO Katariba "Katariba": a career learning program

Aiming at establishing a society where children growing up in any type of environment ensure themselves to “be able to create a possible bright future”, NPO KATARIBA has been performing various education activities since founded in 2001.
While focusing on “diagonal relationship (a relationship nurtured with those who are slightly older than the students, not with their parents, teachers or friends)” and “communication through true inner feelings”, we put a great deal of effort into activities cultivating “willingness to learn”, a power to overcome any challenge, by providing a career learning opportunity that changes the learning of adolescent generations to creative one.

Major Activities

  • Katariba
    Volunteer staff, mainly consisting of college students, visits high schools and provides career learning programs for the high school students.
  • Collabo-School
    Collabo-School provides academic and psychological support to children from infants to high school students at four disaster-affected areas of Onagawa-cho in Miyagi Prefecture, Otsuchi-cho in Iwate Prefecture, Mashiki-machi in Kumamoto Prefecture and Futaba-gun in Fukushima Prefecture.
  • “My Project”
    “My Project” is an educational program aimed at enhancing high school students' ability to solve various problems. Katariba supports high school students who have identified social issues facing local communities and have desire to solve them.
  • B-lab
    Katariba is commissioned by the city government of Bunkyo Ward in Tokyo, and operates "B-lab", a place where junior and senior high-school students feel comfortable and stay.
  • Onsen Campus
    Onsen Campus is a project to support community building efforts through education which is entrusted by Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture.
  • Adachi Base (2 places, Adachi Base Central and Adachi Base North)
    Adachi Bases provide academic support and safe place to junior high and high school students facing various challenges, commissioned by Adachi Word of Tokyo.
Collaboration School's class
©NPO Katariba “Collabo School's” class
Staff of “Adachi Base”
©NPO Katariba Staff of “Adachi Base”

Other Activities

“Katariba” is a career education program aimed at increasing the willingness to learn, mainly focusing on high school students. Volunteer staff, mainly consisting of college students and vocational school students, visits high schools and gives such opportunities for high school students through individual dialogue to think about their future.
Katariba is introduced to high schools as a part of a class “to think about students’ future career” and “integrated learning” class.
One class takes about 2 hours and is held in the following order.

  1. Discuss (to understand yourself)
  2. Listen to what your senior says (to find a role model)
  3. Promise (to set a goal)

Teachers’ feedback after class includes “students have increased their motivation for their future career” and “students began to talk about their future.”

“Katariba” in a gym.
©NPO Katariba “Katariba” in a gym.