Sasakawa Sports Foundation

AddressThe Nippon Zaidan Building 3rd Floor, 1-2-2 Akasaka, Minato-ku Tokyo
RepresentativeKazutoshi Watanabe, President of Sasakawa Sports Foundation
Field of ActivityPromotion of lifelong sports and exercise participation (Do, Watch, & Support)
Locations of ServiceVarious sites across Japan
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Volunteer Opportunities now Available

Participating in Sports volunteer activities through " (Sports Volunteer Network website)"

Application periodAt any time
Period of serviceAs required
RolesVolunteer activities to work at a variety of sports events, etc.
Locations of ServiceVarious locations across Japan
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Participating in Sports Volunteer Activities through " (Sports Volunteer Network website)"

Sasakawa Sports Foundation (SSF)’s activities include working as a liaison between organization needing volunteers and people wanting to engage in volunteer activities.
SSF accepts applications from organizations or event organizers in need of volunteers, assemble and publicize such information based on the referral guidelines of the Japan Sports Volunteer Network (JSVN), a nonprofit organization supported by SSF, by featuring activities that are easy for the first-time volunteers to join.

Refer to the following website for current volunteer opportunities: (Only in Japanese)

Profile of Organization

Since 1994, we have been conducting the biennial survey on the participation status of sports volunteers. We also started offering courses to train volunteer staff in 2002 and volunteer leaders in 2005 and have managed some 10,000 volunteer staff in total for the Tokyo Marathon from its first event through the third. In 2012, we inaugurated Japan Sports Volunteer Network (JSVN), a nonprofit organization, and established its office within SSF. Harnessing this Network, we are striving to build networks linking sports volunteer organizations across the country while providing training opportunities for volunteers. 

Major activities

■SSF conducts research projects concerning sports volunteer activities.

Research conducted for SSF itself - “National Sports-Life Survey”
“National Sports-Life Survey of Young People”  

Commissioned research - The research project commissioned by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2014: “Survey Research on the Promotion of Volunteer Activity Participation in Sports (Practical Study on the Measures to Promote Organizations/Groups in charge of Volunteer Activities in Sports)/Survey Research on Individuals who Engage in Volunteer Activities in Sports)”

■JSVN’s main activities include the management of the following three projects and its portal site.

  1.  Training of sports volunteers  
    JSVN offers four training courses of different levels to be taken in order of difficulty, starting from the beginner level.
    Four training courses of different levels  (Only in Japanese)
  2. Serving as a liaison
    JSVN works as a liaison between organizations and people, by linking organizations that need volunteers and individuals who want to participate in volunteer activities. 

  3. Implementing programs for publicizing and cultivating sports volunteer activities
    JSVN conducts various events to publicize and cultivate sports volunteer activities, including Sports Volunteer Summit and open lectures.

  4. Managing “ (Sports Volunteer Network website),” a portal site for sports volunteer opportunities
Survey/Guidebook on Sports Volunteers
©Sasakawa Sports Foundation Survey/Guidebook on Sports Volunteers

Past Activities

Volunteer leader training session in progress
©Japan Sports Volunteer Network Volunteer leader training session in progress

Research projects completed by SSF

For details of the projects, please see the following:
Study Report
Sports Life Survey 

Activities done by JSVN:
For details of the activities, please see the following:
JSVN Activities (Only in Japanese)

Example of JSVN’s activities

Managing “ (Sports Volunteer Network website),” a portal site for sports volunteer opportunities
For details, please see: (Only in Japanese)
“Obtain licenses useful in sports volunteer activities”
“Participate in sports volunteer activities”
“Learn about sports volunteers”

Volunteers at work in an ocean sport event
©Sasakawa Sports Foundation Volunteers at work in an ocean sport event
Sports Volunteer Summit meeting in progress
©Japan Sports Volunteer Network Sports Volunteer Summit meeting in progress